Wholesale Terms
Minimum Order/Reorder: $150 | Ships From: Port Orchard, WA | Lead Time: 1-3 Days

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    • Image, Order Direct from Rosanna Diggs Embroidery

      The easiest way to order from us is to send us an email with your request and we will send you an invoice.

      Wholesale Terms:

      - Minimum Order: $150 
      - Ships From: Port Orchard, Washington
      - Lead Time: 1-3 Days

      email your order

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    Additional Wholesale Terms & Conditions:

    Conditions of Sell: We do not permit selling on Amazon, Etsy, EBay, or any other third party marketplace. We encourage selling on your store's website and are happy to support you with photos, etc.

    MAP Pricing: Our minimum advertised price is $39.00.

    Returns and Exchanges: We do not accept returns.