Frequently Asked Questions

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Kits are not wrapped (which allows me to ship them super fast!) although I do have a gift wrap option through the holidays. They are shipped in an eco friendly bubble mailer.

I'm trying. While there's always room to improve, here's what I think we are getting right:

> KITS: There is no waste in our kits. The outer label can be recycled or cut up to use as floss bobbins. The kit is packaged in a reusable project bag and everything inside has a purpose. The booklet and outer label are printed on 100% recycled paper.

> FABRIC: I use linen as often as I can. Some of the kits have organic linen.

> THREAD: We use Oeko-Tek Certified cotton floss from DMC and vegan Tencel yarn from Trailhead Yarns

> PACKAGING: we ship in eco-friendly, reusable bubble mailers.

I welcome wholesale orders! Send me a message with your email and I'll get you all the details.

That depends on your skill level and the kit. I'm an experienced stitcher and stitch many of these in 3-6 hours. A beginner should expect it to take longer. The more details you see, the longer it takes.

Nope, sorry. You can see everything I have in stock by looking in the Supplies section of my shop. I show each one on a ruler so you can see the dimensions.

No it is not. We are committed to including a water soluble pen in every kit and teaching you how to use it. Why? Because once you know how to transfer a pattern, you can enjoy the infinite possibilities that embroidery offers. Take a photo of a flower, trace it onto fabric, and have your own custom embroidery design. (Thus our tagline, Stitch Your Next Adventure!)

Every listing has a description and a blue graphic in the photos that shows the size. Currently all our circle designs are for 4" hoops and our ovals are 4"x6". This is smaller than the typical 6" hoop. We want to provide you with digestible sized projects that can be done in a shorter amount of time. Also they're pretty adorable at that size.


All kits with Tencel yarn from Trailhead Yarns (currently our rainbow and pineapple kits) have yarn that is hand dyed. That means it is slightly different colors throughout the strand. We love this feature because it adds a lot of depth to your project!

All other kits have DMC thread which is a uniform color.